By logging into our portal @ or placing a 3D model on your website you are confirming your agreement to our standard terms and conditions detailed below. If you do not agree to these terms please do not log into our portal or use our services.
This Agreement was last updated on 28th June 2012 and is effective between your company and Easypromo3D Ltd on the date of your first log into our portal @ or the first placing of a 3D model on your website

  1. Easypromo3D is available for use 24 hours per day 7 days per week by logging into our portal at or via a model hosted on and displayed on your own website
  2. We offer a range of different packages and the core functionality is explained for each one on our website We reserve the right to change the functionality offered and will always publish the updated packages on this page
  3. All 3D models created by product suppliers are also made available to product distributors to help them promote or sell your product unless product suppliers have expressly asked for their models to kept private for exclusive use by their logged in or nominated users
  4. There is no limit to number of websites, ecatalogues, social media sites or emails a 3D model can be used on
  5. There is no limit to the number of samples your users or distributors can create and save using your products
  6. Any planned downtime for software maintenance will be kept to off peak hours and notified in advance – we aim to provide 99.9% uptime
  7. 3D Models and / or saved samples will only be available on or displayed on websites whilst a valid contract is in place for our services. See point 2 for types of contract available
  8. Performance of 3D models will depend on both the speed of the users internet connection and power of their computer processor – our software makes allowances for both of these factors but performance cannot be guaranteed on very old computers
  9. All 3D models available are specified and approved by the product suppliers – suppliers may choose to suspend or modify their models at any time or keep their models exclusive to nominated users
  10. We take no responsibility for any loss or damages caused by any inaccurracy of supplier models and our liability is limited to the cost of our software and services
  11. All samples and / or images / logos saved on our software are held on secure web servers and protected by a comprehensive firewall at our data centre
  12. All data and images stored complies with the UK and International Data Protection Acts and Guidelines
  13. Product suppliers are able to see data on the number of times their products have been used to create samples by any user of or embedded into websites but have no access to the information on who has created the samples or the actual samples themselves
  14. Both supplier and distributor users are able to see both statistics and the actual samples created for their 3D models but only for their specific sub user accounts – please see point 12 for details of what can be viewed for other users
  15. Easypromo3D integrates with several third party applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Magento – we will also endeavour to ensure this functionality works but cannot take responsibility for undocumented changes to these systems
  16. Recurring Payments due must be made via direct debit or standing order on the agreed date each month to maintain your service
  17. Contract Period for all types of account is for a minimum period of 6 months and then is provided on a rolling contract with a 1 month notice period.
  18. We reserve the right to suspend access to your 3D models or saved samples for all users in the event of invoices not being paid within 30 days of due date