Why is Easypromo3D different from other virtual sample products?
Because all the products are genuine 3D. You can move them with your mouse and explore them from any angle. The logo upload is also very easy to use just double click on the logo you want to use Finally all products can only be branded in genuine print areas so no need to worry about people creating samples that cannot be replicated

How does Easypromo3D compare to Technologo?
Technologo is mainly focused on providing a flat image and has limited 3D sample capabilities. Easypromo3D can do almost everything Technologo can but everything is in 3D. You can also display 3D products and create / manage 3D proofs in Easypromo. Visit our competitors comparisons page for more details

How do I try Easypromo3D for myself?
If you would like to try now you can either go to the home page and use the “Design Swap” option to add your logo to our interactive sample or you can sign up for a free trial and try out the full functionality of our product for 30 days

What Products are available?
There are currently over 500 products available from leading promotional product suppliers but new products are added every day to our 3D product range – take a look at the Suppliers page to find out the latest additions. If your favourite supplier is not available then why not complete this form to recomend them to Easypromo3D. Ity only costs $19.99 to add a new product to Easypromo3D

What is the Design Swop Option?
When you create a 3D Virtual Sample you get the option to create as a proof, create as a fixed sample or create as a sample that allows ‘Design Swop’. Design Swop allows your customers to change the logo on the sample but not to use other interactive tools. See details below but you can embed the full Visualiser on your website

Can I embed full functionality on my website for my customers to use ?
If you have a 3D Max plan then you can embed the full functionality of the EasyPromo3D Visualiser in your own website to allow customers to create and save samples. This has exactly the same functionality as www.myep3d.com used by your inhouse team

What logo types are supported?
We currently support jpeg, gif, png, bmp, eps, pdf & psd

How do I pay?
All payment plans are month-to-month. Payments must be made by ACH, credit card or standing order. Payment by check is not accepted

Can I create as many samples as I like?
Yes, there is no limit on the amount of samples you can create and save in your account, making your membership a superb addition to your business

How easy is it to create a virtual sample?
We think it i very easy to use. Why not try for yourself on our home page or take a look at our video to see for yourself

How do I send samples to my clients?
Either email your client your virtual sample, or add the virtual sample to any website.

How do we add our own products?
Once you have your user account, simply navigate to the “Add New Products” section
Here you will be able to upload the 6 photographs we need to create the 3D model. See our photography guide for more details. Alternatively we can arrange the product photography for you

Is our information safe and completely confidential ?
Absolutely, your safety, confidentiality and security of any information stored is of paramount importance to Easypromo3D Ltd. Please see our privacy statement